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The Various Types of PBX Phones


Phones are among the most widely used tools of communication in businesses. Therefore, having a reliable PBX system is an essential decision for any company. With the constant advancement of technology, many businesses have moved from analog systems to virtual and digital systems.


Yealink Phones PBX (private branch exchange) refers to a private telephone network. This phone system allows users to share some lines so that they can make external phone calls. Over the years, the installation and maintenance cost of PBX phone system have reduced significantly. This means that any organization can get this phone system.


The features of Sangoma Dubai PBX phones include archiving call records, a directory of extension numbers, automatic call forwarding, teleconferencing, call holding and welcome messages. There are a lot of other features that depend on the kind of system you buy. The three main types of PBX telephone systems are VoIP, hosted and traditional/analog PBX.


Hosted PBX


Telephony has advanced over the years. Some phone systems have new features that require technical support. You may need additional applications if your business is growing fast. This could result in loss of revenue and time. However, hosted PBX systems have new features that are easy to install.  With a hosted PBX phone system, you'll still enjoy the same benefits. But your system will be serviced and located virtually by your telecommunications provider. These PBX phones are the best IT & telephone systems for new businesses because they don't need in-house technicians to manage any hardware.


Analog/Traditional PBX


This phone system is a physical exchange box that's installed in your business premises. The cost of a traditional PBX may be higher compared to other systems. Nonetheless, the price decreases with the number of ports due to the costs calculated per employee. This PBX system uses a phone box that's connected to all phone lines. Traditional PBX systems are cost-effective for large enterprises that have IT technicians and departments. Many businesses prefer analog PBX systems because they offer full ownership of hardware. This helps them minimize their in-house overheads.




This phone system is also called an IP PBX system. It delivers video or voice over an internet connection. VoIP phones can work with traditional phone systems. The IP PBX converts voice messages into data and transfers the information across the network in the form of packets. VoIP PBX phone systems can help you reduce the cost of international and long distance phone calls. Consequently, you'll be able to reduce your company's overheads on line rentals.